Markets for eSports that are simple to bet on in Canada

The realm of electronic sports, sometimes referred to as eSports, has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. The sector is currently worth millions of dollars, and there are hundreds of leagues all over the world in addition to dozens of international competitions. When bettors are looking to place wagers on the outcome of a match or tournament, it is not unexpected that online bookmakers are regularly adding eSports choices to their list of sports to provide those who are interested in betting. Finding out which eSports markets are the finest to bet on and which ones ought to be avoided may be a challenging task for anybody who is just starting out in the industry. In order to be of assistance to you, we have examined some of the markets in Canada that are the least difficult to wager on.


One of the most common misunderstandings among gamblers is the notion that conventional sports betting is conducted in a manner that is dramatically different from that of electronic sports betting. Assuming that we take a look at the fundamental configuration, we may still see that one team is competing against another, or that one person is going up against another. The dynamics of this sport are identical to those of other major sports, such as baseball, ice hockey, football, and others. When you have one team competing against another, you have a wide variety of possibilities to pick from, much as when you are wagering on normal sports at the same time.


Perhaps the most common type of market is the match market. Bets that are put on individual matches that are played during a season or tournament that takes place all over the world are included in this category. Obviously, the most straightforward wager is the money line or straight bet, which is making a prediction about whether one of the teams or individuals will emerge victorious in the match in question. The odds serve as a representation of the possibility that a team will emerge victorious, with more powerful teams having lower odds and the underdogs having greater odds.

When it comes to sports betting in Canada, there are instances when betting companies provide handicap betting. This occurs when two teams are so incredibly dissimilar to one another that handicapping is the only way to make betting more appealing. There is a possibility that the bookmaker may provide the underdog with a virtual point edge, which the favorites will need to overcome in order for the bet to be successful. Therefore, even if your team ends up losing the actual match, the bet can still be considered a complete and utter success.


Participating in tournament betting is a common activity across many sports, including American football, basketball, and baseball. In this area, you will find bets that are classified as outright bets, in which you are predicting that the team will win the whole tournament or season. Considering making a wager on the team to win the Stanley Cup, the World Series, or the Super Bowl is something you should think about. In the realm of electronic sports, big tournaments offer the perfect chance to put a wager on the team that will emerge victorious during the entirety of the competition and be proclaimed winners. You choose a squad to achieve victory, regardless of whether you are competing in Dota International, LOL World Champs, or StarCraft league.

A further example of one of the most straightforward eSports betting marketplaces in Canada is the group winner sector. All of the teams compete in major events, which are divided into groups. At this point, all you need to do is make a prediction on which side will finish off the round robin stage with the most points in their respective group. You have a greater number of possibilities to select from as a result of the presence of numerous groupings. It seems to reason that a team that is very good will have lower chances on the “group winner” market if they are competing against teams who have less experience than the other teams in the group.

Another straightforward wager that you may discover in the tournament markets is the winner of the “group of” players. Although it may have a name that is difficult to understand, it is really one of the most straightforward eSports marketplaces. In the last section, we discussed how tournaments divide teams into groups for the qualifying rounds. The teams who emerge victorious from each group then compete against one another in the qualifying stages. At this point, all that is required of you is to select the group from which the winner will emerge. The fact that there are often just four or five groups is the primary reason why the odds are typically fairly low.

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